We are able to offer canal boat bookings utilising the world’s largest fleet of canal boats and the widest choice of beautiful boating holidays in Europe & Canada. You can choose from the widest range of self driving boats and the best possible charter rates.

Canal Boat Holiday Destinations

  • Canada - Rideau Canal
  • England -Thames
  • Belgium - Flanders
  • Italy - Venice and Friuli
  • Scotland - Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal
  • Germany - Mecklenburg, Brandenburg and Berlin
  • France - Canal du Midi, Burgundy: Franche Comté, Burgundy: Nivernais & Loire, Alsace-Lorraine, Camargue, Lot, Charente, Brittany,Aquitaine
  • Netherlands - Holland, Amsterdam and Friesland
  • Ireland - Shannon and Erne

Canal Boat Holidays - Perfect For Everyone

If you’ve never been on a boating holiday before, the concept is simple. You choose a boat, which will be your home and transport for the duration of your holiday. Pick it up from one of many bases, situated along some of the most beautiful waterways in Europe and Canada, and the rest is entirely up to you. Go where you want; do as you please. The only requirement is that you return it back to the base on time.

What To Do On A Canal Boat Holiday.

A boating holiday is free from itineraries and schedules, so you can do whatever you want and stop when and wherever takes your fancy. Cook and dine on board or eat at a nice waterside restaurant.

Boating is a lot of fun and a most relaxing way of getting about. It slows you down and allows you to appreciate the surroundings and drink in the scenery. It provides you with an ever-changing view, delivers nature and wildlife to your door and entices you to amazing towns and villages.

Can Anyone Hire A Canal Boat?

Yes - it's like driving a car. Our boats have been designed to make them easy to use, with a steering wheel for left and right and a forward and reverse throttle!

No previous boating experience or a licence is required.

Not many of our new customers have driven a boat before. However, they quickly realise how easy it is and soon become confident navigating the waterways. Our base teams will tell (and show) you everything you need to know and will accompany you for a short distance, to make sure you are completely happy with the controls

What Is Onboard The Boat?

All boats have comfortable cabins; hot water, showers and toilets; dining tables and fully-equipped kitchens – everything you’ll need to be self-sufficient for the duration of your holiday. You can travel from place to place, without the need to keep unpacking and packing again!

Do I Need A Detailed Itinerary?

Some people like to plan their holiday itinerary in fine detail. Others enjoy waking up each morning and chatting about what to do that day, around the breakfast table. It's up to you!

No matter what your style - we provide plenty of information to help you plan your adventure! There is a waterways map on board which makes it very clear where you can and can’t go. Other on-board information tells you approximately how long it will take you to travel from point to point, where you can moor and what you can expect to find in each waterside town or village.

How Far Can I Cruise?

You can cruise for as long and as far as you want. In many boating regions, there is more than one base, which means you can either return your boat to the same base you started from, or you can cruise one-way between two bases.

You can book any duration from a three-night short break to a two-week holiday, or even longer. We won’t allow you to book a duration that doesn’t allow enough time to get to your destination base. Just ask if you'd like helpful cruising suggestions, and advice on how long it will take to cruise between bases. An average of three to four hours cruising a day is quite a nice pace.

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