What Is A Crewed Cabin Yacht Charter?

You hire a double cabin with a private bathroom that sleeps one or two people, onboard a fully crewed yacht where the experienced skipper and chef will help to make your adventure a memorable one. The yacht, usually a catamaran, will sleep up to 12 guests and your itinerary will be planned for you by the crew who all have fantastic local knowledge.

No Sailing Experience Necessary!

The greatest thing about a by the cabin charter is that you don’t need any sailing experience to go on one. The charter will have its own experienced personal skipper, who will be familiar with the area and therefore be able to sail you to some of the best locations. If you are a keen sailor, feel free to give your skipper a hand. But if you are completely new to yacht sailing you can sit back, relax and watch the world go by.

Visit Remote Locations Bigger Cruise Ships Can’t Reach

Due to the smaller, more intimate size of your yacht, you will be able to reach more remote locations that you wouldn’t be able to if sailing on a larger cruise ship, for example, the tiny coves that line the coast around the island of Symi in the Dodecanese or the hundreds of uninhabited atolls in the Maldives. As your group is smaller, you’ll also benefit from a more relaxed itinerary as you’ll spend less time getting to and from the shore and won’t have to wait for larger groups of organised excursions, meaning you can take your time exploring the local sights or relaxing on some of the world’s most glorious beaches.

A Luxury Crewed Charter At A Fantastic Price

While a fully crewed private charter is one of the most luxurious experiences you could ever have, there is a significant difference in the price! With a by the cabin charter, you get the skipper, the chef and all of amenities but because you are sharing the yacht space with other guests, you get to experience all of the luxury at a fraction of the price. Thanks to our close partner relationships, we are also able to offer you some fantastic offers on selected by the cabin charters meaning you’ll pay even less while still experiencing the benefits of a yacht charter.

Experienced Sailing Crew

All members of the crew onboard a by the cabin charter will have previous sailing experience and fantastic local knowledge, meaning they can take you to some of the best locations, know the best restaurants for dining ashore and will be familiar with the local history. As you sail around your pre-planned itinerary, the crew will tell you stories and share personal experiences of their own with you and are on hand to answer any questions you may have about sailing and the destination you are visiting.

Meet Like Minded People

A by the cabin yacht charter opens up the doors for you to make new friends with people who share your passion for sailing, sun, sea and sand. Because the yacht only caters for up to 12 guests, there are more opportunities for you to get to know your fellow sailors as you dine with them on deck, partake in watersports from the back of the yacht or head ashore to visit local attractions. In addition to the other guests, you’ll most likely be able to add additional Facebook friends to your list in the form of the skipper and crew, as you get to know each other over the course of the charter.

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