Yacht Charters with a Professional Skipper

Relax on a Skippered Sailing Holiday

Have you ever seen people relaxing on a yacht and wished it could be you? Well the good news, it can be! You do not need to be able to sail to hire a yacht and it can also be affordable. If you can’t sail we have a huge range of catamaran or monohull yachts where you can have a professional skipper to do the sailing for you, leaving you and your guests to enjoy a relaxing, hassle-free vacation.

Whether you want to sail the Caribbean, Bahamas, Indian Ocean, Pacific, Mediterranean, Asia or the Americas, you can explore some of the world’s most exciting destinations from the water. You’ll be free to island hop and sail the BVIs, get away from the mass cruise trail in Greece and enjoy boat-only access beaches in Asia. A skippered charters will help you make the most of your vacation time by having a skipper with professional sailing experience, extensive local knowledge, destination recommendations and a focus on guest safety and collaborative approach to itineraries

Who Are Skippered Charters Suitable For?

A Skippered charter is suitable for adventure lovers who want to explore destinations from the water but cannot sail, new sailors who want to grow their confidence, sailors who want to explore a new destination and get comfortable with the cruising ground or sailors who want to relax with their friends and family rather than sail the yacht

Skippered Yacht Charter Destinations

Cruise in a destination where each anchorage leads you to something new and every moment on board is unforgettable. Skippered yacht charters are available in the Caribbean, Americas, Mediterranean, and the far-flung exotics. And no matter where you travel, your preferences are always top priority.

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