The Cape Verde Islands

An Adventure Sailing Holiday Destination

The Cape Verde islands lie 460 miles off the West African coast in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are divided into two groups; the Islands over the Wind (North Group) and the Windward Islands (southern group). The 15 islands are located on the African plate and are of volcanic origin. The highest point of Cape Verde is 2,829m at Pico do Fogo (Mount Fogo) on the island of Fogo. The capital of Cape Verde - Praia, is located on Santiago Praira and is the largest city and economic center of the islands.

The sailing area around Cape Verde requires local knowledge to master and the sailing infrastructure is not very well developed. There are many bays, but few marinas. The smaller islands have some safe havens. Yacht charter crews usually stop off on the island of Sal to stop and fly to São Vicente and Santo Antao. The island of São Vicente is a good starting point for sailing trips. Porto Grande is the largest marina in the Barlavento Islands with two marinas and is an ideal base for yacht charters. To the north you can sail to the port of Porto Novo on Santo Antao. To get there you must sail over the Canal de Sao Vicente, a 16 km wide sea channel separating the two islands. Located in the southeast of São Vicente is São Nicolau - a mountainous island with magnificent, wide beaches. You can anchor there in Porto do Tarrafal. Cape Verde is a challenging but rewarding area for experienced and adventurous sailors. Due to the underdeveloped infrastructure, it is not suitable for beginners.

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