Cuba Yacht Charter and Sailing Holiday Guide

Cuba is a fascinating island, thanks to its natural beauties and its rich historic and cultural background. Its peculiar atmosphere comes from the combination of its colonial past and its Amerindian and African roots. Off the island, multiple cayos and islets are spread across the coral reefs, white sandy beaches and deserted creeks.

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Located within easy cruising distance from the Bahamas, Cuba has become a preferred stop-off for Caribbean yacht charters as well as providing enough opportunities for itineraries to take place exclusively in its own waters. Indeed, with the diversity of its culture nicely mirrored in its diverse range of scenery, there’s plenty of options sure to satisfy any kind of guest. From mountain ranges to forests and plains, there’s also a number of reasons for the more adventurous charterers to get off their yacht and stretch their legs. With quaint bars and cafes situated in places which offer commanding views of Cuba, take everything in could not be more convenient nor memorable.

City life in Cuba provides an exciting complement to its tropical scenery. With an arts scene which rivals that of London, Los Angeles and New York, and a gastronomic scene which brings together some of the best chefs and dishes, visitors are sure to find their time on the island wholly unforgettable. What’s more, the nightlife around Havana is unquestionably of the most unique variety- where else in the world does salsa and cigars quite like the Cubans? In contrast, Bahia de Cabanas is home to beautiful bays and beaches as well as a number of reefs while the crystalline waters off the coast of Cayo Levisa provide some of the best snorkelling and diving in the region.

Sailing in Cuba

The sailing in Cuba goes beyond all sailors' dreams - a favourable, warm climate year-round, steady winds, unique natural beauty and open-minded hospitable people contribute to this as well as the reliable nautical infrastructure, which is receiving well-aimed promotion and extension by the Cuban government. To the sailor, the whole coast and off-lying islands are fully accessible with the only exception of one prohibited area in the vicinity of the infamous "Bay of Pigs", or Playa Girón. About twenty marinas and nautical centres all around Cuba gladly welcome yachts under all flags and offer all conceivable services.

Located just off the north coast of Cuba is the impressive 200-mile long stretch of cays which constitute the Jardines del Rey archipelago. Known locally as the ‘Kings Gardens’, this collection of islands is a registered UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is consequently beautifully unspoilt. An island-hopper's paradise, the largely uninhabited beaches are ideal for enjoying a picnic ahead of a long walk around sunset.

Yacht Charter Enquiries for Cuba

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