Guadeloupe Yacht Charter and Sailing Holiday Guide

Your taste-buds will go wild and your desire for the ultimate in pleasure and freedom in paradise will be sated in Guadeloupe. You will be surrounded by a delightful blend of warm azure seas while onshore there is a plentiful choice of beaches awaiting you – some black sand and others white, and all revealing their own form of unique natural beauty..

You will also discover captivating palm-fringed, crystal-clear lagoons where you can drift your day away. It is safe to say you are never very far from a beautiful beach in this part of the Caribbean.

Guadeloupe is where, in 1493, Christopher Columbus discovered the ‘piña de Indias’ – the pineapple – growing in the Caribbean. Now, modern day explorers aboard luxury charter yachts can go ashore and discover a land of spices, and all the taste sensations that come with the best of mouth-watering creole cooking. Seafood is the island’s specialty: grilled lobster, queen conch fricassee, fish bouillon and delicious clam chowder are among the myriad of culinary experiences to be enjoyed.

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Sailing in Guadaloupe

Sailing conditions in Guadeloupe benefit from north-easterly trade winds up to speeds of 15 to 25 knots November to May, which temper the heat and humidity. In Guadeloupe average 23ºC in winter and 29ºC in summer. Temperatures at night can drop so make sure you pack a light jacket. The dry season is between December and May with the driest month in March.

Yacht Charter Enquiries for Guadaloupe

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