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Dazzlingly beautiful the Maldives consist of 26 coral atoll islands and more than 1,190 islands spread out over 90,000 square kilometres. With influences from Asia, Africa and Arabia as well as British and Portuguese and possibly the world’s richest natural aquariums these islands provide an unrivalled luxury yacht charter destination.

Only 200 or so of these islands are inhabited so privacy and seclusion are easily found. They are strung out like jewels in a sparkling topaz sea, each with its own shallow, crystal clear lagoon surrounded by undisturbed coral reefs teeming with marine life and stunning colourful underwater gardens. The waters are diligently protected and are home to some awe-inspiring species including manta rays, turtles, giant frogfish, hammerheads and the rare whale sharks.

You will find some of the most outstanding dive sites in the world here. One special spot is the renowned Wreck of the Maldive Victory, a ship that sunk in 1981 which remains largely intact and home to a wealth of tropical fish, coral and sponges. While at Fish Head you will have the chance to swim with the graceful grey sharks meandering between the black coral.

The natural beauty here is breathtaking. Talcum powder sandy beaches provide those postcard-perfect romantic settings most people only get the chance to dream about as you hop from one blissful island to the next. Nestled in amongst this isolated paradise are resorts offering the latest in modern luxury each competing for the title of the best, the latest, the most sublime.

And for a little local character take in the capital Malé, a rainbow city of brightly coloured buildings surrounded by the most beautiful of blue seas. It's a quirky place that is a hive of activity with colourful markets and alcohol-free bars as well as a charming National Museum.

The Maldives are as close as you can get to a fantasy treasure island and the very best way to get the most out this tropical paradise experience is by charter yacht.

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