Martinique Yacht Charter and Sailing Holiday Guide

Walk in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, delight in some of the most magnificent scenic beauty to be found in the Caribbean, and savor the pleasures of French gastronomic flair in its many restaurants and cafes – and you have a large slice of what is to be discovered in Martinique.

Known as the Island of Flowers, this French outpost in the Caribbean is a destination full of scenic and culinary surprises for you. The bustling capital, Fort de France, is particularly French and exciting; but if it is peace, serenity and seclusion you seek, then it is close at hand. The island’s heavily indented coastline provides the opportunity for many voyages of discovery, to isolated beaches, tranquil palm-fringed bays, and anchorages that are embraced by shorelines untouched by nothing more than Mother Nature herself. Mount Pelée, an active volcano at the northern end of the island, is a natural phenomenon with a tragic history: It erupted in 1902 and engulfed the nearby town of Saint-Pierre in a matter of minutes. Some 30,000 islanders perished, making it the worst volcanic eruption of the 20th century.

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Sailing in Martinique

Sailing conditions in Martinique are perfect for sailors with the north-easterly trade winds blowing steadily most of the year. The winds are more stable in the dry season and blow steadily with moderate intensity, providing some welcome relief from the humidity.

Temperatures in Martinique are tropical and in the high 20ºCs year-round with relatively high humidity. The dry season is between December and May, while September is the wettest month.

Yacht Charter Enquiries for Martinique

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