Sailing Holidays in Portugal

Yacht Charter on the Algarve and Atlantic Coast

Portugal is ideal to explore on a sailing holiday, with sailing trips being a nice balance between traveling, culture and relaxing. You can be in a port or at anchor every night. The west coast of Portugal is very varied and the atmosphere feels Mediterranean. Towards the south it gets warmer and the Portuguese coast gradually changes from green mountains to sandstone cliffs. The ocean is beautifully deep blue and many houses and streets in the fishing ports are beautifully decorated.

The sailing area between Porto and Lisbon is still authentic and beautiful. There is not much tourism here yet, but there are attractive harbors with many fishing boats. Needless to say that is nice and warm, but during the day, the sea breeze, which is called the “Portuguese north” (Nortada), provides a pleasant cool down. The mornings are mostly flat calm and around noon the wind comes up, which gradually increases in strength. In the afternoon extra “sea wind” is picking up due to warming up of the land. This sea breeze ensures windy conditions until sunset, which means spectacular sailing with also a great chance to see dolphins. When we sail into the harbor you can smell the typical Portuguese cuisine.

Sailing south around Cabo Sao Vicente, it becomes more sheltered and warmer. From here, sail further along the famous region of the Algarve, mostly protected from the swell of the ocean. East of Lagos it becomes more touristy.

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